May 3rd, 1989
David Letterman Show
"Mustang Sally"

Dec 1st, 1990 - Austin City Limits
"Intro / Sweet Home Chicago"
"Mary Had a Little Lamb"
"Leave My Girl Alone"

1990 - The Lafayette, LA Blues Festival
"Still Called the Blues"
Duets with John Mayall
"Rock Me Baby -
I'm Gonna Will My Love to You -
Everything's Gonna Be Alright"

1991 - Live on "The Metro"
New York Live with Clint Holmes Show
"Mustang Sally"
Interview with Clint Holmes
"Damn Right I've Got the Blues"

Oct 15TH, 1991
David Letterman Show
"Mary Had a Little Lamb"

1992 - Live on Jay Leno "The Tonight Show"
Buddy Guy w/ B.B. King and Dr. John
"Let the Good Times Roll"
"Everyday I have the Blues"

1992, July 9th (additional DTS 5.1 track
available by pressing the
"audio" button on the remote control)
Montreux Jazz Festival
"Stormy Monday"
"Someone Else is Steppin In"

1993 - Jo Soares TV Show, Brazil
"She's a superstar"
"Damn Right I've got the blues"

1993 - Blues Fest with BB King and various
"Everyday I have the Blues"

1993 Feb 21st
Jools Holland TV show
"Country Man"

1993 Live on Jay Leno, "The Tonight Show"
Buddy Guy w/ B.B. King Jam on performing
"I Pity the Fool"
"The Thrill is Gone"


1992 Mexico City Jazz Blues Festival
"I just want to make love to you"

1993 - Jay Leno with Paul Rodgers
"Muddy Water Blues"
"Some kind of wonderful"

1993 June 15th
Appolo Theatre, NY, with BB King, Clapton,
Albert Collins and Jeff Beck
"Rock me baby"
"Sweet Little Angel"
"Let the good times Roll"

1997 Oct 11st
At Muddy waters tribute
"She's nineteen years old"

1998 Feb 23rd
Austin City Limits
"Come See About me"
"Feels like rain"
"I got a problem"
"Goin Down"

1999 Hard Rock Cafe, Cape Town South Africa
"Hoochie Coochie Man"
"Don't Say I Don't Love You"
"Feels Like Rain"
"I'm Goin' Down"

2003 - The Conan O'Brian Show
"Come Back to Bed" with John Mayer


2003, June 4th - The Conan O'Brian Show
"Crawlin' King Snake"

2003, July 22nd - Jay Leno "The Tonight Show"
"Lucy Mae Blues"

2003 Sept 4th
Live on Austin City Limits
"Leave My Little Girl Alone"
"Come back to bed"

2003 Oct 17th
Later with Jools Holland
"Look at what all you got"
"Crawlin Kingsnake"
"Damn Right I`ve got the blues"

2004 - Live on "Breakfast With The Arts"
"Crawlin' King Snake"
"Louise McGee"

2005 Sept 18th - "Farm Aid" with John Mayer
"What kind of woman is this"

2005 Nov 11st
Craig Ferguson show
"What kind of woman is this"

2006 Japan Fuji Festival
"Goin` Down"
"Hoochie Coochie Man"
"I`ve got dreams to remember"
"Drowning on dry land"
"Damn Right, I`ve got the Blues"



1992 Montreal Molson Canadian Blues Festival
"Mojo Hand"
"Hoochie Coochie Man"
"Five Long Years"
"Mustang Sally video clip"

2001, Jul 30th - Jay Lenno Tonight Show
"Stay all night"

2001, Oct 20th - The Concert of the Century
"Hoochie Coochie Man"
"Everything's gonna be allright"

2004 The Jimmy Kimmel TV Show
"Lucy Mae Blues"

2004 July 9th - Hague
"Use me"
"Damn Right, I`ve got the blues"
"Hoochie Coochie Man"

2005 March 14th - Rocn n' Roll Hall of Fame induction
with Eric Clapton & BB King
"Let me love you baby"

2005 July 7th (broadcast date)
PBS Soundstage, with John Mayer
"Come back to Bed"
"Damn Right I've got the Blues"

2006 Feb 6th - Noggin TV Show
The King of Swing

2006 Nov 17th - Jay Lenno Show
"Damn Right, I've got the Blues"

2007 March
with Jerry Lee Lewis - PBS TV
"Last man standing"