Dire Straits




This is a reauthored version of
both Dire Straits Videography's DVD's
Volumes 2 & 3 that have been

The original audio on both discs,
although in LPCM format,
was of terrible quality,
with very loud glitches & clicks.

So, both streams have been remastered.
Considering the already low quality of
the streams, both have been converted
to AC3 format without noticeable loss
in quality. It made possible to burn
2 original discs onto just one media.

Although transitions have been
added between clips, both video streams
HAVEN'T been reencoded, unless of course
for the 1 second transitions parts
(Software used - MPEG Video Wizard DVD).


1. Two young lovers (playback)
2. Platengala 1982 - Private investigations (vocals live)
3. Platengala 1982 - Love over gold (vocals live)
4. Skateaway (playback)
5. Industrial disease (playback)
6. Industrial disease (playback)
7. David Knopfler - Madonna's Daughter (with Dire Straits, San Remo, 1984)
8. On the air - Once upon a time in the west (playback)
9. On the air - John Illsley, I want to see the moon (playback)
10.Phil Lynnot - Kings call (video clip with Mark Knopfler on guitar)
11. John Illsley - Never told a soul (video clip with Mark Knopfler on guitar)
12. German TV, WDR - Romeo and Juliet (playback)
13. German TV, WDR - Industrial disease (playback)


1. The other side of the tracks - interview with Mark Knopfler (03-03-84)
2. David Letterman - Expresso love (live, 30-09-85)
3. So far away (playback version)
4. Montreux festival 1985 - Money for Nothing (playback) & interview with John Illsley and Alan Clark
5. Musi California - Interview John Illsley & One World (live) - Santa Barbara 1985
6. Dire Straits in Australia 1986 - Interviews & Industrial Disease (live)
7. Report about Terry Williams
8. Advertisement for the Money for Nothing compilation album
9. The Notting Hillbillies 1990
10. Week in Rock (MTV) - Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins
11. David Knopfler interview - German TV