APRIL 18, 19 & 20th, 1998


April 20th - Unforgettable Night !

I was there, I travelled to New York specially for this Concert,

I specially apreciated the very beautiful version of River of Tears, and also the incredible super-blues Have you ever loved a woman.



"Pilgrim Fathers" - Mid Valley 017/022 - 5
Recorded at Madison Square Garden, New York on 18/04/98, 19/04/98 and 20/04/98
51 tracks on 6 CDs. Total Time: 56:23 / 64:48 / 55:22 / 64:23 / 56:27 / 64:29
EC/ Andy Fairweather Low (Guitar)/ Nathan East (Bass)/ Alan Darby (guitar)/ Tim Carmon (Keyboards)/ Ricky Lawson (drums)/ Katie Kissoon (Vocals)/ Chyna (Vocals)/ Charlean Hines (Vocals) + Orchestra

Track listing is identical for all three nights as there were no changes in the set list:

CD 1 : My Father's Eyes/ Pilgrim/ One Chance/ River of Tears/ Going Down Slow/ She's Gone/ Tears in Heaven/ Layla/ Change the World/


CD 2 : Old Love/ Crossroads/ Have You Ever Loved a Woman/ I Shot the Sheriff/ Wonderful Tonight/ Tearing Us Apart/ Sunshine of Your Love


The cover indicates that the recording has "stereo compact disc digital sound."

This set has less audience noise than other titles for these dates.