"La Leggenda Arriva in Italia"

Stra, Italy, June 11st, 2005

Zetti Productions - DVD 048 

NTSC - Single Layer edition


Videotaped by myself, Zetti, in Stra, Italy, on June 11st, 2005.

This was my very first attempt as a cameraman, so please be patient but I might say that the results are very good.

On the first song and on to the half of the second song I can I say....”dancing” a bit with my knees, but then I realized that the final footage would end up unwatchable if I kept that way all through the show, and then I stopped. So, make sure to take your motion sickness pills to watch "Why Aye Man" and the initial minutes of "Walk of Life" <g>;

I was standing at the “second” row, in front of Richard Bennet’s position, which was definitely OK for me cause the person in front of me was a very short girl while I’m a rather tall guy, anyway, ocasionally her boyfriend would raise up his arms in front of my camera, but that happened just twice as far as I remember, so not a big problem;

And now to the real good news: a real cool, cool footage ! Excelent position on the venue, excelent quality of video and audio, listen to it as loud as possible, no problems with people clapping or talking beside me, or standing in front of me, just wonderful !

I also watched Milan concert on the previous night, but I considered the Stra gig better. 

I successfully changed tapes between “Song for Sonny Liston” and “Donegan’s Gone” (it was hard…) , so the concert is as complete as it gets !

Set list:

1) Why Aye Man
2) Walk of Life
3) What it is
4) Sailing to Philadelphia
5) Romeo & Juliet
6) Sultans of Swing
7) Done with Bonaparte
8) Song for Sonny Liston
9) Donegan’s Gone
10) Boom, like that
11) Speedway at Nazareth
12) Telegraph Road
13) Brothers in Arms
14) Money for Nothing
15) So Far Away

Lineage: Canon Optura 300 Mini DV camera – Capture and video edition at Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 – SoundForge for audio work (normalization, etc) – Adobe Encore DVD for authoring and video compression for best fitting on SL media (2-pass).

Video: MPEG2 NTSC average 5.5 Mbps
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 - 480 kbps

Menu and proper chapter points added. I also created a Double-Layer edition (Zetti DVD-049) featuring a DTS 5.1 audio track that I might trade when DL media comes more popular, otherwise people will probably compress it to SL media and will polute the trading community, this SL edition already provides excelent audio quality.

Telegraph Road on this gig stands as the best piece of music that has ever been played on Earth….make sure you’re alone at home, turn lights off and play it as loud as your ears support !

Have fun,