SNAPE 1990
(The Maltings, Snape, UK, 15th May 1990)

1. One Woman Man *
2. When It Comes To You
3. Water of Love
4. That's Alright Mama
5. Your Own Sweet Way
6. Run Me Down
7. Hobos Lullaby
8. I Think I Love You Too Much
9. Roll, Roll, Roll
10. Railroad Worksong *
11. Feel Like Going Home
12. Dallas Rag *
13. Interview *

(* Previously unreleased on bootlegs)

Additional info:
This soundboard recording was made on May 15, 1990 at the Maltings, Snape, UK. This is the first complete CD from this TV show and with the best sounding versions. The sound is excellent and there are some really wonderful songs here like When It Comes To You, Water of Love, Your Own Sweet Way, Hobus Lullaby etc. All songs are taken from the best sounding bootleg, Bijou, but Water of Love is taken from A Friendly Funny Night as it was not included in Bijou. All songs have been remastered (for example speed correction) and three songs have been added, One Woman Man, Railroad Worksong and Dallas Rag which was only broadcasted on TV and never bootlegged plus the interview before the show. So this is a must for the serious collectors.