Neil Young with Crazy Horse


"Live In A Rusted Out Garage"



Nov 21st, 1986,

Cow Palace, San Francisco, California


Pro Shot NTSC DVD from PPV TV Broadcast

Soundtrack from KLOS Radio simulcast


This video recording was downloaded from the tracker

BOOTCITY.ORG, already in double DVD format.


Anyway, the original edition was rather poor,

without proper menus and chapter points. Also,

there was a huge part after the end of the movie with

a blank screen, and long "announcer" sections both at

the beggining and in the middle of the movie.


Worst, during the initial  "announcer" section,

suddenly the audio got cranked up, which could

(would...) damage the viewer's speakers.


So, we decided to reauthor the DVD's.


Menus with instant access to songs have been

created, and the announcer parts have been

DELETED, both at the beggining and in the

middle of the movie. Our goal was to present

the musical performance in a seamless format.


Neither Video nor Audio have been reencoded,

both are the original streams.


It's available now at the "Zetti Productions" catalog

in two formats, the entire concert in one Double layer

media; and also split over two single layer discs.


We hope you enjoy this fine release !