"The Last Sessions" - Reel Records - REEL CD-001

1996 - sb 4


12 tracks on 1 CD.   Total Time:  67:02

EC/Jim Gordon (Drums)/Bobby Whitlock (Vocals, Keyboards)/Carl Radle (Bass)/

Duane Allman (Guitar)


1.  Sick at Heart                 3:51

2.  Is My Love                   2:01

3.  Mean Old Frisco           4:07

4.  Evil                               4:41

5.  Snake Lake Blues (Minor Key) 3:32

6.  Snake Lake Blues (Major Key) 3:29

7.  One More Chance        3:20

8.  Got To Get Better In A Little While  4:18

9.  High                              3:17

10.  Untitled Instrumental #1 13:53

11.  Untitled Instrumental #2  6:48

12.  Devil Road                  13:12  - Rene Armando, vocals


Note: The CD says "Armando and Friends" (see track 12).  Timings are included for comparison

to other releases of these songs.  They are taken from the  CD player and are not listed on the

inserts. All tracks except #12 are instrumental.  The consensus right now is that EC is probably

not playing on tracks 10-12 inclusive.  The majority of this CD is without vocals - I do not have

information at this time about which tracks are without vocals.


It has also been pointed out that the following songs are already available on "Crossroads": Got

To Get Better In A Little While, Evil, One More Chance, Mean Old Frisco, Snake Lake Blues.


Note : EXCELENT STUFF, very good jams, instrumental performance,good sound !